Turn Your Auctioned House into Your Dream Home

Just moved into that new auctioned house in Atlanta?

Thinking of ways on how to modify your new haven?

Want to decorate it but got no idea where and how to begin?

There is no need for you to worry. We got you covered! From home beautification tips to budgeting, we have every thing here just for you! Let us be your guide in your journey to achieving your dream home!

We understand that the beginning is always the hardest; that is why we have created a one stop for all your home decorating and improvement ideas!

house front yard

Moving into a new Atlanta home can be very challenging at first as you have to start from scratch: the gathering of furniture, cleaning, and decorating each part of the house. Some resort to do-it-yourself decorations, but some just do not have the time to do those cuttings and heating of glue guns. Let us take you on a tour as we guide you in your journey to making your newly auctioned house into your dream home!

The Entrance and The Front Door

Your entryway will draw a lasting impression to your neighbors and visitors, so why not give it a little more effort? Pull off indoor style or elements to give your doorway a classy, sophisticated look. Surround and frame your millwork, and paint it with the colors of your choice to match your home interior. Also, as your front door gets you the first and lasting impressions from people who see your house, one of the many things to check is its cleanliness. Avoid clutter at the door and keep this zone tidy.

The Kitchen

It is important that we maintain cleanliness and sanitation in the kitchen because it is where we prepare hearty meals for our loved ones. However, it is equally important to make your kitchen spacious enough to accommodate your precious kitchenware. You can boost your kitchen storage by taking advantage of unclaimed spaces like walls and corners with open divisions or shelves to keep dishes, condiments and spices, utensils, and cookware within easy reach. Decorate your dull and plain shelves with decorative embellishments to add identity and personality to your kitchen. If you are a wine person, why not consider mounting a wine rack or organizer next to cabinetry?

The Paint Color

white paint and paintbush

Admit it; we all have favorite colors, and nothing can stop you from painting your dream home with your most loved hues! Modern-style houses are commonly painted with neutral colors like white, black, and shades of nude. The aim for this is to showcase a very classy and minimalistic personality. However, people cannot escape their love for vibrant colors like dandelion yellow, playful fuchsia, and cerulean azure. Adding hues and colors onto your cabinets is very much the most enjoyable part of house decorating as it symbolizes a huge part of one’s personality. This part will always be subjective as it includes personal options and choices.

The Flooring and The Carpet

The floor where you put your feet on matters just as the cabinets and other pieces of furniture. You can choose from a variety of options: tiles, high-quality marbles or wood. If you are someone who prefers to go barefoot when at home, the warmth of wood can do just as fine. However, the level of exposure and tendency to get dust dirty is undeniably high. Doing regular floor polishing to restore the floor’s shine factor will definitely help in keeping your wooden floor’s cleanliness and quality. It should be polished once a year or every six months depending on your preference. It does not just end there; you can choose to add carpets on your floor. When we talk about carpets, we refer to carpets that are professionally cleaned. Hire our professional carpet cleaners to do the job for you. Our professional carpet cleaners in Atlanta, Georgia deliver high-quality carpet cleaning that is safe and budget-friendly. They use safe chemicals and soap in sanitizing your beloved carpets. Visit carpet cleaners in Tulsa if you are looking for an affordable service.

The Book Shelves

The bookworms will rave about this! You have your precious stuff organized and kept in a safe place away from those page-eating pests. Stay organized without compromising your style. Transform old or even unused bookcases into a stylish mini bookshelf with creative and eye-catching ideas.

The Indoor Greenery

Have you ever thought of building an indoor greenery inside your home? It adds up to the peaceful and calm aura in your safe haven. A landscaped walkway can keep your home fresh and lively. There are a plenty ways of being creative in creating an eco-friendly spot in your house an Atlanta tree service professionals can help you with that. It is either you purchase a pre-made plant miniatures or your create your own to save you from spending.

The Living Room and Electrical Wirings

home interiors

This is the spot where you bond with your family members. The living room is the place in your house where you take a break and spend your leisure times at. This is the spot where entertainment appliances are commonly placed. The television, DVD, and a lot more. Why not give your living room a little more purpose? It can also be a hassle-free gaming spot or a place where you can have your afternoon tea. As for the electrical wirings, we are certain that knowledge about these circuits and wirings are not always available for anyone. Our trained electricians are always ready to do all the electrical works for you. From the installation to repair, we got you!

Moving in a new place is challenging yet rewarding, most especially when you have done all the decorative modifications.